Liv Label Free | Autism and Eating Disorder Recovery

Liv Label Free | Autism and Eating Disorder Recovery

Hosted by: Livia Sara

Want to understand the link between autism and eating disorders? The Liv Label Free Podcast provides you with insights and strategies for recovery through meaningful conversations and stories of lived experience. Your...


Filling my cup so I can fill yours

Season #1 Episode #16

We all know some version of the saying "fill your own cup first". Maybe you know it as the example from the airplane "to put your own mask on before helping others", or perhaps you know the version "you can't pour...
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Discovering your Why with Dharma @dharmarocio

Season #1 Episode #15

What’s your WHY? Why do you want to recover? Why do you want a different life? One of the most important lessons I learned in my own recovery, is that you can only create long-lasting change if you have a reason to....
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You Deserve to Choose Yourself with Iris @growingjourney_

Season #1 Episode #14

Getting an eating disorder wasn't your choice...but recovery always is! Today, I chat with Iris @growingjourney_, a motivational speaker, writer, and fellow ED warrior! We dive deep into several topics that are very...
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Finding Strength in Vulnerability with Thomas @aspergersgrowth

Season #1 Episode #13

Have you ever wondered what ED recovery looks like from a male's perspective? And how do Autism and other mental health issues contribute? In today's episode, I chat with Thomas Henley from @aspergersgrowth. Thomas is...
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How I'm Trusting the Process during Uncertain Times

Season #1 Episode #12

I BOOKED MY FLIGHT! Surprisingly, it's NOT to San where AM I going? What are my plans for the future? Today's episode is an incredibly raw, open, and vulnerable monologue all about the journey I'm currently...
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The Reason Why Your Extreme Hunger is NOT Binge Eating Disorder

Season #1 Episode #11

What's the difference between Extreme Hunger and Binge Eating Disorder? A very common fear in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder is that one is "swinging to the other side" now that they are eating a lot of...
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The Biological Importance of Honoring your Extreme Hunger

Season #1 Episode #10

If there ever was an Extreme Hunger 101, this is IT! Extreme Hunger can be one of the scariest parts of recovery, but it's also one of the most important. In today's episode, I explain extreme hunger from a biological...
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Everything you need to know about Autism & Mental Health with @neurodivergent_lou

Season #1 Episode #9

So what exactly is Autism? What are Autistic Traits? How do you know if you're really Autistic? In my chat with Louise @neurodivergent_lou, we answer everything you need to know about Autism & how it's related to...
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Seeing the Eating Disorder as a Parasite

Season #1 Episode #8

An eating disorder is not your fact, it's quite the opposite. It sucks the life out of you like a parasite, and uses you to its ADVANTAGE. It uses your body as a host to multiply, and then engrains itself...
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Honest Update: What Moving to San Diego is Really Like as an Autistic Person + How YOU Can Support Your Favorite Content Creators

Season #1 Episode #7

It's time for some real talk, baby! Today's honest update is basically going to be the audio version of you reading my journal. I open up about everything I'm going through during this big life transition,...
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The SHOCKING Truth about BMI (how is this even ALLOWED?)

Season #1 Episode #6

Did you know that BMI was invented over 200 years ago? Or that it was invented by someone who knew absolutely NOTHING about the biology of the human body? BMI, short for Body Mass Index, is a tool used globally as a...
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How to cope with WEIGHT GAIN. 8 TANGIBLE TIPS for making the weight gain process easier.

Season #1 Episode #5

Why is gaining weight so hard? That's something I constantly asked myself during recovery from my eating disorder. Not only is it PHYSICALLY difficult to feel your clothes getting tighter or having curves in new...
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