How I'm Trusting the Process during Uncertain Times

Season #1 Episode #12

I BOOKED MY FLIGHT! Surprisingly, it's NOT to San where AM I going? What are my plans for the future? Today's episode is an incredibly raw, open, and vulnerable monologue all about the journey I'm currently on. More importantly, it's about how I'm TRUSTING the journey that I'm on. I share with you:

  • Where I booked my flight to!
  • Why I'm moving to California with ZERO plans
  • How to shift your mindset to come from a place of LOVE vs FEAR
  • How you can turn a negative event into a positive opportunity
  • The reason we develop habits + why it's so difficult to break bad habits
  • The importance of taking ACTION

I also give you an introduction to my minimalism journey and share ways in which I'm striving to become a minimalist, including:

  • How to declutter before an international move
  • Why we accumulate so much stuff we don't need
  • The reason food hoarding is so common among those with restrictive eating disorders
  • How to adopt an ABUNDANCE mindset vs a SCARCITY mindset

Lastly, I open up about my INTENTIONS for the future, because living intentionally really is what this entire episode comes down to :)

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