Liv Label Free | Autism and Eating Disorder Recovery

Liv Label Free | Autism and Eating Disorder Recovery

Hosted by: Livia Sara

Want to understand the link between autism and eating disorders? The Liv Label Free Podcast provides you with insights and strategies for recovery through meaningful conversations and stories of lived experience. Your...


Autism & Love: Are Autistic People Capable of Loving?

Season #2 Episode #27

A very common misconception about autism is that autistic people are not (as) capable of feeling love as neurotypical people are. In fact, one of the most Googled questions about autism and love is “Can an autistic...
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Guided Meditation to Release Eating Disorder Thoughts

Season #2 Episode #26

Listen to this guided meditation to find mental freedom from your eating disorder thoughts. You deserve to live a life of abundance!👉🏻 Ready to optimize your health and happiness so you can go from surviving to...
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How I’m Finding Myself Through Losing Myself

Season #2 Episode #25

It's okay to feel lost. Sometimes, you need to get lost in order to find yourself again! In today's vulnerable episode, I share how I'm rediscovering my passion and purpose through embracing change and going with the...
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Autism & Procrastination (3 tips to STOP PROCRASTINATING!)

Season #2 Episode #24

Procrastination is a very common autistic trait. In today's video, I'll be sharing my personal experience with procrastination as an autistic person, why I believe autistic people have difficulty executing tasks, and...
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HOW TO STOP WEIGHING YOUR FOOD + let go of the food scale!

Season #2 Episode #23

The food scale was one of the hardest things for me to let go of in recovery. So hard in fact, that I used it for a lot longer than I care to admit. At one point, I didn't even know WHY I used my scale anymore; it had...
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Digestive Issues in Eating Disorder Recovery + Extreme Hunger Course PREVIEW!

Season #2 Episode #22

Digestive issues are one of the most painful parts of recovery! Not only do they cause incredible discomfort, but GI issues can be embarrassing and downright inconvenient! When you commit to full recovery and start...
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Why Mindful Eating is a Mindf*ck in ED Recovery!

Season #2 Episode #21

When you are in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder and are actively trying to STOP micromanaging your food, the very LAST thing you should be doing while eating is overthinking whether or not you should be...
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3 Highly Effective Ways to Stay Motivated in Recovery

Season #2 Episode #20

Setting goals to change is one thing, but taking consistent action to achieve them is another! Because we often don't know how or where to start when it comes to taking action, we put it off to avoid the overwhelm....
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How to Stop Feeling Guilty in Eating Disorder Recovery

Season #2 Episode #19

We all know what guilt feels like…it’s a painful, gut-wrenching emotion that no one wants to experience. If you have an eating disorder, chances are you CONSTANTLY feel fear of guilt - I know I did! So how do we LET...
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Alexithymia: a scientific link between Autism, Anorexia, and Anxiety

Season #2 Episode #18

Researchers are still trying to understand the overlap between autism and anorexia. A strong desire for predictability & routine, difficulty with change, and obsessive interests are commonly shared traits between...
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What I Wish I Had Known about Weight Overshoot in Recovery

Season #2 Episode #17

Let's chat OVERSHOOT! An incredibly important part of recovery that is not talked about enough. In today's episode, I share everything I wish I had known about overshoot when I was navigating my own recovery, so that...
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