Discovering your Why with Dharma @dharmarocio

Season #1 Episode #15

What’s your WHY? Why do you want to recover? Why do you want a different life? One of the most important lessons I learned in my own recovery, is that you can only create long-lasting change if you have a reason to. Today, I chat all about taking inspired action with one of my best friends, Dharma. Dharma is a self-taught yogini, former gymnast, and ED warrior with a brave heart and powerful story. In this episode, Dharma shares her journey and we dive into why recovery is about evolving as a person, not about reaching a final destination. You'll learn:

  • How toxic and abusive relationships can contribute to an eating disorder
  • The importance of setting boundaries to protect yourself and your recovery
  • Why it’s completely logical that we develop eating disorders to cope with lack of control
  • How an eating disorder can transfer to other addictions or compulsions in recovery
  • Why your intention behind food and movement is the real marker of health
  • The healing power of yoga
  • Why you need to rewire lower-level movement to reach full freedom from your ED
  • How to rewire your brain during the times that you are unable to separate your own thoughts from the eating disorder thoughts
  • How stress can contribute to Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)
  • Dangers in the traditional healthcare system when it comes to ED treatment
  • Why forced treatment never works
  • Why you're the only one who can save yourself
  • Why taking ACTION is the key to successful recovery

Dharma also shares what inspired her to fully commit to recovery, and shares wisdom on why your eating disorder is valid, no matter what! She gives her advice to anyone who’s in doubt about committing to recovery, and we touch on why recovery is actually about self-discovery rather than changing who you are.

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