Filling my cup so I can fill yours

Season #1 Episode #16

We all know some version of the saying "fill your own cup first". Maybe you know it as the example from the airplane "to put your own mask on before helping others", or perhaps you know the version "you can't pour from an empty cup". Whichever metaphor you prefer, they all come down to the same core concept: you must take care of yourself before you are of service to others.

Honestly, this has always been hard for me. I love the work I do, and there's nothing more fulfilling to me than the kind messages I receive regarding my content! However, I'm also in an intense phase of my life right now. There are SO many changes happening, a huge one being my move to California!

On top of that, I want to focus my full energy on creating my Extreme Hunger Course. The sooner I complete it, the sooner I can provide YOU with the resource I wish I had when going through this scary part of recovery! In order to best serve you, I need to prioritize what matters most: and that means placing the podcast on the back burner for a bit. I will definitely be back soon to brew the podcast kettle and pour from it again, but right now I am brewing some other kettles :)

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