You Deserve to Choose Yourself with Iris @growingjourney_

Season #1 Episode #14

Getting an eating disorder wasn't your choice...but recovery always is! Today, I chat with Iris @growingjourney_, a motivational speaker, writer, and fellow ED warrior! We dive deep into several topics that are very close to my heart, from the impact of family dynamics in the development of an eating disorder, to the reality of what it really means to recover from a mental illness. You'll learn:

  • Childhood circumstances that can trigger an eating disorder
  • The danger of hiding your own emotions & internalizing those of others
  • How the eating disorder can serve a purpose in coping with external circumstances
  • Why an eating disorder is NOT about body dysmorphia, weight loss, or hating food
  • Why you will never go back to who you were before your eating disorder
  • The pros and cons of social media in ED recovery
  • How to set boundaries to support yourself in recovery
  • Why small steps every day really do matter
  • How to deal with triggers in recovery
  • How to train your brain to disengage with disordered thoughts through neural rewiring
  • How to focus on yourself despite the messages of diet culture
  • How to separate yourself from the ED to re-create your healthy identity
  • Why you can’t compare your version of health with anyone else
  • The importance of thinking outside of the box when it comes to personal growth 

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YouTube: Growing Journey
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