The Reason Why Your Extreme Hunger is NOT Binge Eating Disorder

Season #1 Episode #11

What's the difference between Extreme Hunger and Binge Eating Disorder? A very common fear in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder is that one is "swinging to the other side" now that they are eating a lot of food. In this episode, I unpack this fear and explain why you are probably NOT developing Binge Eating Disorder. You'll learn:

  • Why you may feel you are becoming a binge eater in recovery
  • The 5 criteria for Binge Eating Disorder (BED) according to the DSM-5
  • The defining criterion that differentiates Extreme Hunger from BED
  • What Energy Deficit & Energy Debt have to do with overeating
  • Why you crave high-calorie, nutrient-dense "junk" food in recovery

I also provide you with a metaphor + tangible tips for making this process of requiring a lot of food more bearable!

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