Liv Label Free | Autism and Eating Disorder Recovery

Liv Label Free | Autism and Eating Disorder Recovery

Hosted by: Livia Sara

Want to understand the link between autism and eating disorders? The Liv Label Free Podcast provides you with insights and strategies for recovery through meaningful conversations and stories of lived experience. Your...


Interoception: the Eighth Sensory System with Kelly Mahler

Season #3 Episode #43

It's time to feel all the feels! In today’s episode, I chat with Kelly Mahler, an occupational therapist and the author of Interoception: the Eighth Sensory System. We unpack everything there is to know about...
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My Story: Autism, ED Recovery, and more!

Season #3 Episode #42

Who am I? What's my story? In today's episode, I share my entire journey to Liv Label Free! I open up about what it was like growing up as an undiagnosed autistic girl, how my eating disorder developed and how I fully...
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Extreme hunger while being weight restored? Listen to this!

Season #3 Episode #41

Do you feel like you can’t have extreme hunger because you’re already weight restored? I GET IT.  My own extreme hunger didn’t start UNTIL I was deemed weight restored! I thought there was something wrong with my...
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Tailoring Eating Disorder Recovery to Autism with Eva @justbeing.eva

Season #3 Episode #40

So excited to be back with another interview! In today's episode, I chat with Eva about all things autism and eating disorder recovery. We share several valuable lessons we've learned on our own journeys,...
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How to Overcome Fear Foods in Eating Disorder Recovery

Season #3 Episode #39

How can I overcome fear foods? This is a very common question I receive from individuals in eating disorder recovery. You most likely know exactly what you WANT to eat, but fear gets in the way and you find yourself...
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How to tell if you are SICK ENOUGH to recover from an eating disorder!

Season #3 Episode #38

Have you ever questioned whether you’re sick enough? Whether you truly have an eating disorder, or are just a fraud? If you are dealing with eating disorder imposter syndrome, this episode is for you! You'll learn...
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Traveling as an Autistic Person in ED Recovery

Season #3 Episode #37

It’s time to talk about VACATION! I recently went on a trip to the east coast with my family and learned a LOT about what it means to travel as an autistic person with a history of disordered eating. Traveling can be...
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The Significance of Semantics: “Autistic Person” or “Person with Autism”?

Season #3 Episode #36

Is it autistic person or person with autism? Is one more correct than the other? What term does someone on the autism spectrum prefer? In this episode, I’ll be answering all those questions and more! You'll...
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How to Recognize + Overcome Extreme Hunger as an Autistic Person in ED Recovery

Season #3 Episode #35

Extreme hunger is SUCH a terrifying part of the recovery process and can be especially confusing if you are also autistic. However, extreme hunger is also such an IMPORTANT part of eating disorder recovery, which is...
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How to Recover from Social Media Burnout as an Autistic Person

Season #3 Episode #34

Are you experiencing social media burnout? I know how you feel! Social media can be especially overwhelming for autistic individuals, which can ultimately trigger autistic burnout. In this episode, I share my...
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Treatment Implications using the Adapted to Flee Famine Hypothesis (PART 7)

Season #3 Episode #33

How can the Adapted to Flee Famine Hypothesis be applied to eating disorder treatment? In the past 6 episodes, you learned all about this (r)evolutionary perspective and why Anorexia is a plausible evolutionary...
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Anorexia & Denial of Illness EXPLAINED (Adapted to Flee Famine Hypothesis PART 6)

Season #3 Episode #32

Why do people with Anorexia fail to perceive the severity of their illness? According to the Adapted to Flee Famine Hypothesis, this occurrence would have facilitated survival in times of famine. The AFFH proposes...
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