The Biological Importance of Honoring your Extreme Hunger

Season #1 Episode #10

If there ever was an Extreme Hunger 101, this is IT! Extreme Hunger can be one of the scariest parts of recovery, but it's also one of the most important. In today's episode, I explain extreme hunger from a biological perspective. You'll learn how the brain & body react to lack of adequate nutrition and how extreme hunger is actually an adaptive mechanism of the body to regulate itself! We dive into:

  • What extreme hunger is
  • The root cause of extreme hunger
  • The biology behind extreme hunger
  • The meaning of energy deficit & energy debt
  • Why extreme hunger often happens AFTER gaining weight

I also explain 4 different types of extreme hunger + give tips on how you can recognize them! These are:

  • Physical hunger
  • Mental hunger (and why it counts as extreme hunger)
  • Exercise hunger (and why it counts as mental hunger)
  • Eating-induced hunger

Read the study on Poststarvation Hyperphagia HERE

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