Finding Strength in Vulnerability with Thomas @aspergersgrowth

Season #1 Episode #13

Have you ever wondered what ED recovery looks like from a male's perspective? And how do Autism and other mental health issues contribute? In today's episode, I chat with Thomas Henley from @aspergersgrowth. Thomas is a Biomedical Sciences honors graduate from the University of Manchester, a Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Taekwondo, and a mental health advocate who is on a mission to spread awareness for people with disabilities. He has delivered presentations at SEN schools all across the UK and has appeared on Radio Shows like BBC Radio to share everything he stands for.

Thomas has an online presence on YouTube & Instagram and is the host of the Thoughty Auti podcast, all of which are aimed to build community and understanding for neurodivergence and mental health. His documentary Aspergers In Society explores the different views and experiences of people diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and can be watched for free on Thomas' YouTube Channel Aspergers Growth. In my chat will Thomas today, we emphasize how  vulnerability leads to strength and you'll learn:

  • How professional sports can impact mental health
  • What it's like growing up diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome
  • Why honesty is so important in building strong relationships
  • Thomas' personal story with Bulimia & recovery from it
  • Common myths & misconceptions around eating disorders in males
  • Hormonal changes in males as a result of malnutrition
  • Different ways in which Autism can manifest as an eating disorder
  • The role of genetics in the development of an eating disorder and other mental health issues
  • Strategies to reduce bingeing at night
  • That recovery is not linear & how to keep showing up for yourself

Connect with Thomas!
Instagram: @aspergersgrowth
YouTube: Aspergers Growth
Documentary: Aspergers in Society
Podcast: Thoughty Auti

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