How to cope with WEIGHT GAIN. 8 TANGIBLE TIPS for making the weight gain process easier.

Season #1 Episode #5

Why is gaining weight so hard? That's something I constantly asked myself during recovery from my eating disorder. Not only is it PHYSICALLY difficult to feel your clothes getting tighter or having curves in new places, but gaining weight is just as much a MENTAL challenge. In today's episode, I'll be sharing 8 tips on how you can make gaining weight a little less miserable, and perhaps even fun! :) You'll learn:

  • Why gaining weight has nothing to do with BMI
  • How to shift your perspective of weight gain
  • When acceptance can be more helpful than love
  • How gratitude can aid in accepting your body
  • Why personalizing your journey is the key to success
  • Why confrontation isn't always a bad thing
  • That sizes are meaningless
  • That it's OKAY to struggle & it will get worse before it gets better

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