How to Recognize + Overcome Extreme Hunger as an Autistic Person in ED Recovery

Season #3 Episode #35

Extreme hunger is SUCH a terrifying part of the recovery process and can be especially confusing if you are also autistic. However, extreme hunger is also such an IMPORTANT part of eating disorder recovery, which is why it's essential you learn to recognize it! In this episode, I bring together the topics of extreme hunger and recognizing hunger cues as an autistic individual so you can FINALLY stop obsessing over food and exercise! You'll learn:

  • Why autistic people struggle with recognizing hunger
  • The correlation between interoception and hunger cues
  • Why autistic people are more likely to develop eating disorders
  • What happens when autistic people don't eat enough
  • Why extreme hunger is so common among autistic individuals
  • The role of energy deficit and energy debt in extreme hunger
  • How an autistic person can recognize extreme hunger
  • How to use your autistic traits to overcome extreme hunger


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