Tailoring Eating Disorder Recovery to Autism with Eva @justbeing.eva

Season #3 Episode #40

So excited to be back with another interview! In today's episode, I chat with Eva about all things autism and eating disorder recovery. We share several valuable lessons we've learned on our own journeys, including:

  • The impact of an autism diagnosis in eating disorder recovery
  • The effect of forced treatment for ED recovery as an autistic individual
  • What to look out for when diagnosing autism in someone with an active eating disorder
  • What food freedom and intuitive eating looks like for autistic individuals
  • How diet culture impacts autistic individuals who struggle with disordered eating
  • How to let go of the manipulation of an eating disorder
  • The importance of acknowledging autistic traits in order to receive proper treatment for an eating disorder and other mental health issues
  • How documenting your journey can keep you motivated in eating disorder recovery


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