Interoception: the Eighth Sensory System with Kelly Mahler

Season #3 Episode #43

It's time to feel all the feels! In today’s episode, I chat with Kelly Mahler, an occupational therapist and the author of Interoception: the Eighth Sensory System. We unpack everything there is to know about interoception, including:

  • What interoception is + why it's important
  • How interoception links autism and eating disorders
  • What Alexithymia is
  • The impact of gaslighting on the sensory experience
  • The relationship between trust and anxiety
  • How to support someone who struggles with interoception
  • The dangers of labels + how to let go of them
  • How autism can manifest as an eating disorder
  • Whether you yourself struggle with interoception, are the supporter or loved one of someone who does, or just want to learn more about the topic, I have no doubt you will gain so much knowledge from this wonderful conversation I had with Kelly!

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