Autism and Eating Disorders Q&A With My Mom!

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Autism + eating disorders Q & A with my mom!

How do you best support an autistic child with an eating disorder? Is FBT helpful or harmful? Where can you get support as a parent? In today’s episode, Livia Sara and her mom Louise Alexandra answer listener questions about autism and eating disorders. You’ll learn:

  • Slow and painful realization that your child is developing an eating disorder
  • How an eating disorder is an attempted solution to existential crisis
  • Parental confusion around autism and eating disorders
  • Impact of diet culture on autistic children 
  • Sibling experience of eating disorders
  • Harms of Family Based Therapy (FBT) aka Maudsley Method
  • Demand Avoidance in autism and eating disorders
  • How to rebuild trust and encourage honest communication
  • Coercion, legal incapacity, and trauma

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