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Read what others are saying about Rainbow Girl:

What a gifted experience to be able to read this book from Livia. I can feel deeply that she has written her book with vulnerability and insights. I am so grateful she has made this book exists since there has not been any resources and references relate to ASD and ED ‘s recovery. She has also taught me/ demonstrate to me to do hard things and never given up. Her journey to recovery and being diagnosed with ASD is really allowing the readers to see nothing is impossible as long as we are willing to change the perceptions.

Livia is such a beautiful light to the neurodivergent community. She also writes in a way that touched my soul in profoundly. I was an editor for her book “Rainbow Girl.” Let’s just say that I didn’t get much editing done, because it was through the book that I discovered that I am autistic as well. While reading her book, I saw myself clearly for the first time. I realized that I wasn’t a problem to be fixed and the numerous psychiatric diagnoses I had were wrong. I just had a unique brain. 

I’ve been working with Livia as a business coach. I also want to help neurodivergent individuals recover from eating disorders. She makes beautiful websites among many other things. Livia is a courageous coach and a survivor. I’ll always carry her light with me. 

Livia, thank you for helping me realize that I am good enough already. It is an honor to know you.