Rainbow Girl: A Memoir of Autism and Anorexia

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Autism and Anorexia — a “Perfect” Combo

At just 15 years of age, Livia was tossed out of the Dutch eating disorder treatment system with the message: "You’re just going to have to accept the fact that you’re never going to get better."

Growing up unknowingly autistic, Livia spent the majority of her young life seeking worth and validation in external achievements. She excelled in her honors classes, competitive sports, and eventually, an eating disorder.

Until the control she so desperately sought nearly killed her, Livia made the hardest decision anyone with an eating disorder can make: to trust and surrender to the recovery process.

In this gripping and vulnerable memoir, Livia answers the question: What does it take to recover from an eating disorder as an autistic person?

In this book you will learn:

  • how invalidated autism can manifest as anorexia
  • why eating disorder treatment fails for autistic people
  • how to discover your true self and live an abundant life

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this undiagnosed autistic girl
was diagnosed with anorexia at age 11
how did she fully recover?
rainbow girl sheds light on the link between autism and eating disorders
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What others are saying about Rainbow Girl:

"A remarkable work that vividly illustrates the link between autism and eating disorders."

The co-occurrence of eating disorders and autism is prevalent, yet there is an alarming lack of awareness and resources addressing this overlap. The eating disorder treatment approach that works for neurotypicals often does not work for autistics, making stories of lived experience a vital part of understanding the connection. In this regard, Rainbow Girl stands out as a remarkable work that vividly illustrates the link between autism and eating disorders. I am very grateful Livia wrote this book!

– Bianca Toeps, author of But You Don't Look Autistic at All

"An incredibly gripping read that exceptionally captures the autistic experience of eating disorders"

Rainbow girl is an incredibly gripping read that exceptionally captures the autistic experience of eating disorders, which is so rarely discussed. While reading, it felt like I was simultaneously walking with Livia through her darkest and most vulnerable times but also that through her experiences, she was guiding me, sharing the light, perseverance, hope and joy. So much of Rainbow Girl resonates with my own story and experiences as a neurodivergent individual. Livia’s book highlights an empowering and authentic message that I will forever carry with me.

- Lou Chandler @neurodivergent_lou

"Livia provides a great deal of hope and healing within these pages."

Rainbow Girl is honest and inspiring. Livia Sara does a beautiful job of capturing the pain and struggle she experienced during her battle with an eating disorder, while also writing with hope and optimism. Her story is sure to be encouraging to many readers. Livia offers insights into her diagnosis of autism and provides important reflections into how being autistic played a role in her eating disorder journey. Teaching us the value of breaking away from certain labels and living a life free to pursue meaningful opportunities, Livia provides a great deal of hope and healing within these pages.

- Kelly Mahler, occupational therapist and author of The Interoception Curriculum

"A life-changing resource for many and a narrative-changing piece of art for us all."

Rainbow Girl is more than a book. It is a moving experience thanks to Livia’s embrace of vulnerability and relatable approach to storytelling. She shares her journey in a profound manner that captivates the audience while vividly illustrating the deepest valleys of an eating disorder and the highest summits of recovery. I appreciate Livia’s direct approach to topics that are often marginalized in society and within the mental health community. She never shies away from sharing her true, authentic self, leaving the reader cheering for her throughout. Rainbow Girl is a life-changing resource for many and a narrative-changing piece of art for us all.

- Jason Wood, speaker and author of Starving for Survival

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