Bingeing on Body Love

Bingeing on Body Love with Victoria Kleinsman

What does it REALLY mean to love your body? Today, Livia chats with her bestie Victoria Kleinsman, a Food Freedom & Body Love Coach. After spending over 20 years battling eating disorders and being petrified of weight gain, Victoria empathizes with the challenges of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Now living in food freedom and self-love, she coaches women on their journey to complete recovery from eating disorders through her signature REAL Recovery Roadmap approach. Victoria is on a mission to lead millions back home to self-love and to a positive relationship with food and their bodies through coaching and her top-rated podcast, The Body Love Binge. We discuss:

  • The philosophy of Body Love
  • How childhood experiences can pave the way for an eating disorder
  • The timing of puberty and eating disorders
  • How anorexia causes you to feel superior
  • The invisible invalidating nature of traditional ED treatment
  • Importance of neural rewiring in weight restoration
  • The lingering damaging effects of compulsive overexercise 
  • Faking a healthy sex drive during an eating disorder
  • The secretive isolation of bulimia 
  • The biological reality of weight, body fat, and food freedom 
  • Approaching health at every size from a holistic perspective
  • How hardships shape us into stronger humans

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