When eating MORE is actually restriction


How can eating MORE be perceived as restriction? I mean, isn’t restricting all about eating less

Yes, and that’s exactly why I often ate MORE vegetables and high-volume foods before I committed to full recovery: to ensure I would eat less of the foods I was really craving (and frankly, my body really needed).

Because extreme hunger is so scary (it can feel like you’ve completely lost control!), it is very common to turn to your trusted “safety mechanisms” to try and gain control back. These “safety mechanisms” you’ve conditioned your brain to rely on, are any behaviors that aim to limit or restrict the number of calories you are consuming.

These may include:

  • Exercise (to negate energy intake)
  • Eating at certain times (to ensure you don’t go over your allotted amount at the end of the day)
  • Eating pre-portioned items (to ensure you don’t eat “too much”)
  • Comparing (to ensure you eat less than others)
  • Avoiding events (due to the fear of certain “trigger foods” being present

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Volume eating is another form of restriction because you are trying to reduce your hunger and in turn, reduce the number of calories consumed. 

When we take a look at Newton’s Third Law of Motion, (which I explain in relation to restriction in my course as well!) it states:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In relation to hunger, the more you engage in restriction (which, as we now know, INCLUDES loading up on high-volume foods to limit the consumption of foods you really want), the more intense your extreme hunger will become…

Physically, you may feel “full” due to loading up on steamed broccoli or light ice cream or whatever other replacement foods you choose, but satisfaction isn’t just physical; ensuring mental satisfaction is JUST AS NECESSARY to overcome food obsession.

The more you eat the foods that don’t satisfy you mentally, the stronger your mental hunger will become…and if you’ve experienced (or are currently experiencing) mental hunger, you know it’s absolute torture! So in order to overcome ALL FORMS of extreme hunger and feel SATISFIED in every sense of the word, satisfy yourself in every sense of the word! My course Extremely Hungry to Completely Satisfied guides you every step of the way, so I hope to see you there!

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