When an autistic special interest turns into an eating disorder...

autism recovery
the connection between autism and food obsession

How can an autistic special interest spiral into an eating disorder? In today's episode, I speak to Annamarie, a fellow autistic female and ED warrior. We discuss:

  • Early health and nutrition education snowballing into an obsessive autistic special interest
  • Disordered thoughts turning to secretive behavior, foregoing social activities due to fear of food exposure
  • The transformation of the disordered special interest into a hyper-focus on recovery and ED recovery resources and science
  • Learning to give herself time and space to recover in the way that works best for her. How Gradual vs All-In might be the preferred method for those on the spectrum
  • Writing out the disordered food rules into a physical list helped conquer them one-by-one
  • Severing the ties to comparison with others and standing up to the Eating Disorder Bully
  • How an adult autism diagnosis helped overcome the challenges of ED Recovery; learning to pause and understand the why's and the where's of tendencies and disordered thought
  • Feeling confused and different as a child and young adult without ever knowing why until the diagnosis
  • Letting the mask down and tossing pressure to conform aside
  • And finally, her practical, common sense advice for anyone out there with the will and want to recover

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