1-1 Coaching

Recover from disordered eating as an autistic person through live coaching sessions and 24/7 chat support with a fellow autistic ED warrior who has been through it all.

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Recovery from an eating disorder is challenging

If you don’t know how to use your autistic traits to your advantage…

  • You believe being autistic is making ED recovery harder
  • You’ve tried countless treatment approaches, but nothing helped
  • You’re confused by all the contradictory recovery advice

And that leads to feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. You don’t deserve that! 1-1 Coaching will guide you on your unique journey to freedom.

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In 1-1 coaching, you will:

Work with Livia, an autistic warrior who has recovered from an eating disorder
Receive an individualized plan for ED recovery as an autistic person
Learn how to use your autistic traits to your advantage on your journey to freedom
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"Livia’s deep understanding of autism, eating disorders, and the way they intertwine has been the key to my recovery."

What's included in 1-1 coaching?

  • Coaching calls with me, Livia Sara, a proud autistic female who is fully recovered from her eating disorder

  • 24/7 access to me to ask questions, get advice, and stay motivated

  • Assignments to challenge yourself and take action towards your goals

  • Client-exclusive resources to optimize your healing journey (including never-before-seen content of upcoming books!)

When you stop fighting your autistic traits and learn how to embrace them, you unlock your full potential to live an ED-free life!

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Your action plan:

Book a 30-minute consultation call
Receive a plan for working together
Take steps to your autistically ED-free life!
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