BEATing Extreme Hunger as an Autistic Person

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Beating Extreme Hunger as an Autistic Person

It’s time for another chat with an Extremely Hungry to Completely Satisfied alumni! In today’s episode, I'm speaking to Valerie, an autistic female who shares her experience with overcoming extreme hunger. You'll learn:

  • Survivor's guilt manifesting into perfectionism and eventually into an eating disorder
  • Energy debt being like living paycheck to paycheck
  • Daily activities consumed by mental hunger and planning for or compensating for meals
  • The chaotic nature of extreme hunger as an autistic
  • The experience of stealing and hoarding food from friends and family
  • How a false belief in "lack of willpower" contributes to disordered habits
  • Discovering self-realization through late-in-life autism diagnosis 
  • The power of letting go and relinquishing yourself to the process of recovery
  • Valerie's evergreen advice to soothe your recovery worries

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