Food isn’t supposed to be “special”


No food or way of eating is PERFECT. Food isn’t supposed to be “special”. But right now, maybe it is. Perhaps, your days REVOLVE around food, and you feel an anxious anticipation whenever meal or snack time rolls around. Perhaps, you feel so giddy at the thought of finally ALLOWING yourself to enjoy the very thing you spend the whole day thinking about, that you feel you need to perfect the circumstances around whatever you’re going to eat.

So, you plan out every detail: the type of food you’re going to eat, how much of it you’re going to eat, what plate or bowl you will eat off, the utensils you will be using, and what you’re going to be wearing while eating. Basically, you’re trying to do everything in your power to make the experience of eating PERFECT.

But WHY does food have to be perfect? It’s one of the most essential human needs for survival. Does your sleep have to be perfect? Do your water drinking habits have to be perfect? Do you ritualize every trip to the bathroom? No, of course not! There’s nothing “special” about these events because you know they are recurring and trust that there’s an abundant number of times they can and will happen.

What’s truly “special” is your birthday. What’s truly “special” is seeing an old friend. What’s truly “special” is spending the holidays with your family. So, what makes these events special? What makes these events special is that they only happen a limited amount of times in our lives. There is not an abundance of holidays or birthdays or weddings, so we view them as precious…because they ARE.

The reason you ritualize food and view IT as “precious”, is because you believe food to be a scarce resource. If you could truly eat WHATEVER and WHENEVER you wanted, there would be no need to eat “perfectly”! Because if the food doesn’t taste good, then guess what? You can eat something else!

But you’re scared of eating something else, so you go all out to ensure that whatever you DO allow yourself to eat, that it’s “perfect”.

What if I told you that it’s 100% POSSIBLE to eat WHATEVER and WHENEVER you wanted?

What if I told you that it’s 100% possible to honor your cravings without fear?

What if I told you that it’s 100% possible to have food become a trivial part of your life?

If you truly believed this, you’d go all out to ensure that this became your new reality. And it CAN be your new reality, but you DO have to put in the work. The first step is letting go of the SCARCITY mindset and adopting an ABUNDANCE mindset. When you realize that food is abundant—that all the food you have ever dreamed of is yours to eat—it loses its importance and ultimately, its power over you. When you allow yourself to eat abundant amounts of food, food loses its meaning. And when food loses its meaning, it creates space to focus on the things that are REALLY meaningful in life…it creates space to cherish the experiences that are truly precious.

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