Why you SHOULD be afraid of eating disorder recovery

Why you should be afraid of eating disorder recovery

I’m sure we’ve all rolled our eyes when we’re scared $h!tless only to have someone say “Don’t be afraid!”

The truth is, recovering from an eating disorder is f*cking terrifying. But that’s exactly what makes your commitment to getting better all the more brave.

Do you think Neil Armstrong wasn’t afraid when he flew to the moon?

Do you think Taylor Swift wasn’t afraid when she got up on stage for the first time?

Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t afraid when he spoke up for the rights of people of color?

They were terrified. But more importantly, they were following their heart. They were doing what felt right.

Anyone who’s ever done anything significant was afraid. Because being significant means being different. And being different means standing out.

Rollo May, considered the father of existential psychology, once said, “The opposite of courage in our society isn’t cowardice, it’s conformity.”

It’s time for YOU to stop conforming to diet culture. It’s time for YOU to stop conforming to the toxic lies your ED tells you. It’s time for YOU to be brave. After all, you wouldn’t have the vision to recover if deep down, you didn’t already have what it takes to do so <3

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