Overcoming Autistic Burnout in an Age of Hustle Culture

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Overcoming Autistic Burnout

What impact does hustle culture have on autistic people? In this episode, Livia chats with Louise AKA @neurodivergent_lou on how to navigate autistic burnout, the importance of slowing down, and how to lead a meaningful life in a society that is obsessed with productivity. Lou answers the following questions:

  • What does day-to-day life feel like for you when it comes to time?
  • We live in a society of “hustle culture.” What do you believe are some additional pressures us autistics face when it comes to work and productivity?
  • How do the societal expectations around productivity contribute to autistic burnout?
  • On Instagram, you recently shared how you’ve been unable to keep up with the pace of life in the same way when you were younger. Can you elaborate on that?
  • How have you started slowing down in life, and what impact has this had on your physical and mental health?
  • Part of slowing down means letting go of activities that fill up your time with “busy work.” What activities have you specifically incorporated or let go of?
  • I believe slowing down can help us feel more present, and thus live a more meaningful life. What does a meaningful life mean to you?

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