It's not all that complicated

food without dieting

Diet culture has taught us to overcomplicate our actions around food and exercise, which is such a WASTE! Our biology is such a beautiful, powerful thing that has more answers than any scientific experiment ever will.

If someone told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? Of course not! πŸ™…‍♀️ So why do we attach so much value to health claims, certain diets, and what other people eat? Why do we attach so much value to others opinions? Why do we give so much POWER to everyone (and even things!) but ourselves? It’s honestly insane how many diets are out there nowadays, or how many claims are being made about certain foods or even food groups. Soy is bad. Carbs are bad. Gluten is bad. You need collagen to look good. If you’re not fasting you’re doing it wrong. Veganism is going to save the planet...I could go on and on about all the fads currently out there, but you get the point.

We, as individuals, have seemed to completely lost touch with ourselves and our needs. Society and diet culture BOMBARD us with *health hacks* and *tips* for *staying lean* and *supressing appetite* (again, I could go on!) and even makes us question our own biology! We blame ourselves for ‘emotional eating’ if we want a real piece of cake and label ourselves as ‘binge eaters’ if we are simply just h u n g r y. But guys, seriously. ZOOM OUT.

We, as humans, are just another species of mammals that needs food to survive. We have hunger cues to alert us that we are in need of energy. We have overcomplicated something that’s actually SO SIMPLE: our biology. We don’t NEED calorie counters, macro calculators, or to know what our place is on a BMI chart. Biology has already done all the calculations for us.

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