Are you addicted to food?

Are you addicted to food?

Are you afraid that honoring ALL your hunger will train your brain to become addicted to food?

I used to have the same fear.

All the years looking at ingredients, counting calories, researching recipes, and working out ways in which I could “deserve” food…I believed these years had shaped an irreparable obsession with food.

So I continued to think about food all the time. Whatever I was doing, there was a little food bee buzzing in the back of my head. It was CRAZY MAKING!

The thing is, we ARE addicted to food. In fact, we’re just as addicted to food as we are to oxygen! Both are vital human needs.

If you go underwater and hold your breath for minutes on end, what do you think will happen?

The moment you come up, you’ll GASP for air. It might even take a few minutes to completely “catch your breath.”

But what if someone consistently plunges your head underwater? What if every time you believe you’ll be able to breathe again, your head is withheld of oxygen once more?

You become afraid. Your life is being put on the line. Your most primal instincts will take over.

The same is going on when you fight your body’s desire for food.

Just as your brain perceives oxygen scarcity when you’re underwater, your body perceives food scarcity when you restrict yourself of food.

For your brain to perceive abundance – whether this be oxygen, food, water, or any other vital human need – you must prove abundance. You must stop plunging yourself into restriction!

But how do you start? My course Extremely Hungry to Completely Satisfied guides you step–by–step to letting go of your fears around food and making peace with your body. Click here to learn more!

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