Nervous System Regulation in Eating Disorder Recovery w/ Stefanie Michele

Season #6

What role does the nervous system play in eating disorders and disordered eating? In today’s episode, Livia speaks to Stefanie Michele, a binge eating and body image coach that specializes in somatic experiencing.

You’ll learn:

  •  How binge eating disorder formed the core of her difficulties with bulimia and orthorexia
  •  A desire to fill the gap in treatment for body image and hope to reverse the cultural damage self-image has brought with it
  •  Somatic experiencing and nervous system trauma responses in relation to eating disorders
  •  How there's more than emotional work necessary for healing anxiety and how this relates to the nervous system
  •  The role of eating and, particularly, binge eating in relation to nervous system dysregulation
  •  Finding and creating safety within ourselves
  •  Cultivating trust in "slowing down" amidst a chronic flight-or-fight state
  •  Letting go of perfectionism in eating disorder recovery and how going “all in” isn't for everyone
  •  Discovering your own needs in eating disorder recovery
  •  The role of executive function and overwhelm; practical tips to quell the somatic responses


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