From Picky Eating to Passionate Advocacy w/ George Muniz Gund

Season #8

When it comes to understanding autism, picky eating, and the infinite array of neurodivergent traits, nothing is more powerful than stories of lived experience. In this episode, Livia Sara speaks with George Muniz Gund, a Brazilian American autistic and ADHD actor, neurodiversity acceptance and disability justice advocate, podcast host, and blogger.

Topics covered:

  • Autism and texture-based food aversions
  • Society's lack of patience for autistic food preferences
  • Realizing social differences at a young age
  • Struggles with traditional education as a neurodivergent person
  • How acting classes assisted with autistic unmasking
  • The journey of stepping into the role of an autism advocate
  • The benefit of listening to neurodivergent experiences
  • Challenging neuronormativity to embrace one’s own unique way

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