Creating Relationships Built on Trust and Safety in Eating Disorder Treatment w/ Harriet Frew

Season #7

What’s the BEST treatment for eating disorders? In this episode of the Liv Label Free Podcast, Livia chats with Harriet Frew about the importance of creating relationships built on trust and safety. Harriet Frew is a licensed therapist and host of The Eating Disorder Therapist Podcast. She is an experienced expert in the ED recovery space and has turned her MESS into her MESSage as she now helps others find freedom as well. Harriet shares:

  •  The power and importance of lived experience in treating any mental health issue
  •  Deeper problems with identity leading to anorexia and then bulimia nervosa
  •  Humility and non-judgement forming the foundation of therapist and client relationships
  •  Insights she's gained from clients in her 20 year career
  •  How everyone's "Breakthrough Moment" can be unique
  •  Connecting with other professionals and ED sufferers through her podcast
  •  Harriet's top tips she applies in her therapy approach
  •  Understanding how the eating disorder helps you cope so you may shift to more productive outlets

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