Neurodiversity and Eating Disorders w/ the Chair of EDNA (Part 2)

Season #6

Join Livia and Laurence for part 2 of their chat on the relationship between neurodivergence and eating disorders. You'll learn about:

  •  Executive functioning difficulties and how they effect memory and motivation
  •  Co-occurring ADHD and the correlation of higher risk of eating disorders
  •  Alexithymia and how it can relate to eating disorders and eating habits
  •  Demand avoidance and how it is overlooked or not worked with in eating disorder treatment 
  •  Providing compassion for underlying autistic traits, from providers to patients and from a patient to themselves
  •  Ensuring neurodivergents are allowed sensory coping mechanisms
  •  Invaluable advice for treatment providers; whether working with neurodivergent individuals or neurotypicals
  •  A harrowing story of an eye-opening and sad experience of neurodivergent discrimination in a treatment center

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