Neurodiversity and Eating Disorders w/ the Chair of EDNA (Part 1)

Season #6

How are eating disorders and neurodivergence linked? One of the best ways to understand this common connection is through stories of lived experience. On the podcast today, Livia interviews Laurence, the Chair and Research Lead of Eating Disorders Neurodiversity Australia (EDNA). You’ll learn:

  • Laurence’s experience of eating disorders as a neurodivergent individual
  • Why “evidence based” treatment protocols aren’t always helpful for neurodivergent folx
  • The difference between loneliness and aloneness and why autistic people tend to need lots of alone time
  • How an autism diagnosis can help understand the roots of disordered eating behaviors
  • The impact of interoception, exteroception, alexithymia, masking, and executive functioning on the autistic experience of eating disorders
  • Why fullness may be a foreign sensation to autistic people and how this can lead to bingeing and feelings of discomfort

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