Black & White Thinking in Autism and Anorexia

Season #4

Black & white thinking, also known as polarized thinking or all-or-nothing thinking, is a very common mindset among individuals with autism and/or eating disorders. Although I’ve worked on my mindset so much over the past couple years that I’ve really improved when it comes to thinking in extremes, it wasn’t all too long ago that this polarized thinking held me back from living a full life. I was perfectionistic to the point of frequently deeming myself a failure, a people-pleaser to the point of believing one argument would cause someone to “hate me,” and only committed to anything if I had a guarantee I could be the best. Sound familiar? If so, this episode is for you! In today’s episode, I answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of black & white thinking?
  • How does black & white thinking contribute to eating disorders in autistic individuals?
  • Why are autistic individuals more prone to black & white thinking?
  • How can you neurally rewire black & white thinking in eating disorder recovery?

I also share some of my favorite strategies to combat black & white thinking so you CAN live that full life you so desire and deserve.

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