Anorexia & Hyperactivity EXPLAINED (Adapted to Flee Famine Hypothesis PART 5)

Season #3 Episode #31

Why do people with Anorexia feel driven to exercise even at a dangerously low weight? Although it appears paradoxical, this behavior is actually very logical when looked at through the lens of the Adapted to Flee Famine Hypothesis! The AFFH proposes Anorexia to be the result of three core adaptations: restriction, hyperactivity, and denial of starvation. In part 4 of this 7-part series, we unpacked restriction. In this 5th part, we're going to be looking specifically at hyperactivity! You'll learn:

  • Why hyperactivity would have facilitated survival in times of famine
  • How the hyperactivity component of Anorexia can be understood using animal models
  • Why weight loss leads to increased hyperactivity 
  • Hormones involved in exercise addiction
  • How to break the hyperactivity cycle


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