Fear of Never Feeling Satisfied


When going through extreme hunger, most people have a hard time giving in because they fear they’ll never stop eating. But this fear actually goes much deeper, and that is the fear that you’ll never feel satisfied. If you trusted that you’d feel satisfied, you’d also trust that you’d stop eating! However, your current reality is that you DON’T trust that satisfaction is possible for you…and thus, you don’t trust that you’ll ever stop eating! So how DO we gain trust in ourselves that we WILL feel satisfied? Keep on reading to find out!

For years, I spent every waking (and sleeping lol) minute of my life thinking about food: planning, buying, preparing, ritualistically eating, and dreaming of food. I was afraid that if I let go of the reigns— if I let go of this “control” over food—that I would completely “let myself go” and eat my way into obesity. The result of this hyper-awareness around every single gram, however, was a constant state of hunger..

Instead of eating to satisfy myself, I ate to “protect” myself from eating “too much”. Every meal and snack time was SO important, that I couldn’t bear the thought of “not being as hungry” for one of them.

I ate breakfast thinking about lunch...

I ate lunch thinking about snack...

I ate snack thinking about dinner...

I ate dinner thinking about dessert...

…and went to bed dreaming up all the decadent desserts and proper portions that I wished I *could* eat.

The thing is, I “could” eat whatever I wanted. In fact, I knew I probably SHOULD eat whatever I wanted! But I simply wouldn’t eat whatever I wanted. Why? Out of fear that I would never feel satisfied…and feel hungry forever.

You know why you never feel satisfied though? BECAUSE you never SATISFY yourself. You know why you’re always hungry? BECAUSE you don’t HONOR your hunger.

What if every time you were thirsty, you only drank one drop of water? You’d probably obsess over water pretty dang much! Our bodies and minds obsess over what we can’t have, ESPECIALLY if it’s something as essential to our survival as food or water!

If you stop restricting and ALLOW yourself to eat whatever you want when you want, you WILL feel satisfied. Yes, it may (read: it WILL) take A LOT of food in the beginning, but that’s because you have a lot of food to make up for.

The ONLY way to know if you’ll ever stop eating—the only way to KNOW if you’ll ever feel satisfied—is to give satisfaction a chance. I mean, what do you have to lose?

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