Why You Can't Stop Eating w/ Sarah Dosanjh @The_Binge_Eating_Therapist

Season #5

Do you wonder why you can't stop bingeing even though you WANT to? In today's episode of the Liv Label Free podcast, I speak with Sarah Dosanjh, a psychotherapist and author of the book I Can’t Stop Eating. After her own recovery from binge eating disorder, Sarah has gone on to help others do the same. She runs therapy groups and communities for binge eating recovery, co-hosts the Life After Diets podcast, and creates videos about how to recover from binge eating on her YouTube channel The Binge Eating Therapist. Sarah answers the following questions:

  • What inspired you to become The Binge Eating Therapist?
  • How do you believe labels/diet culture influences binge eating?
  • How can mental restriction lead to binge eating?
  • What are some examples of mental restriction? 
  • What are some strategies one can implement to feel more peaceful around food, especially if they have unreliable physical hunger cues?

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