Embracing the Journey with Autistic Female & ED Warrior Veerle @vegantoastie

Season #1 Episode #4

It's time for my very first INTERVIEW of the podcast! I chat with my dear friend Veerle, a fellow autistic female and eating disorder warrior who currently lives in the Netherlands. In this episode, we dive deep into so many topics related to Autism and eating disorders, including:

  • What it's like growing up as an undiagnosed autistic female
  • How Autism can contribute to disordered eating
  • Why Autistic Individuals can easily fall into the restrict-binge cycle
  • Tips for healthy eating & staying on top of hunger cues
  • The impact of social media on Autism
  • The role of semantics with regards to a disability vs disorder
  • Periods, hormones, and lack of control during that time of the month

We also answered some popular follower questions regarding the relationship between Autism and eating disorders, and Veerle shares wisdom on how to embrace the journey in every sense of the word; from being on the neurodivergent spectrum to seeing ED recovery as your friend!

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