Alexithymia: a scientific link between Autism, Anorexia, and Anxiety

Season #2 Episode #18

Researchers are still trying to understand the overlap between autism and anorexia. A strong desire for predictability & routine, difficulty with change, and obsessive interests are commonly shared traits between the neurodevelopmental disability and the eating disorder. But what is the biological reason for the frequent co-occurence of the two conditions? Alexithymia may be a possible scientific explanation linking the two, and goes even further in providing evidence as to why anxiety and OCD are also usually part of the comorbidities. In today's episode, you'll learn:

  • A biological explanation for the frequent co-occurence of Autism, Anorexia, Anxiety, and OCD
  • The role of the insula in managing interoceptive awareness
  • How malfunctioning of the insula and lack of interoceptive awareness may be responsible for heightened anxiety
  • What Alexithymia is and how it contributes to anxiety
  • The connection between Alexithymia and OCD

I also share my top 3 tips for managing anxiety, including:

  • Taking a magnesium supplement - I take THESE gummies!
  • Deep breathing
  • Reducing exercise intensity

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