Why Mindful Eating is a Mindf*ck in ED Recovery!

Season #2 Episode #21

When you are in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder and are actively trying to STOP micromanaging your food, the very LAST thing you should be doing while eating is overthinking whether or not you should be eating! Nonetheless, "mindful eating" has become a very popular method of treatment for eating disorders in recent years. In today's episode, I turn the tables and explain why mindful eating is more harmful than helpful in ED recovery, especially for individuals who are also on the autism spectrum. You'll learn:

  • What mindful eating is
  • Why mindful eating is harmful in ED recovery
  • Why you should focus on mindLESS eating in recovery
  • The root cause of your obsession with food
  • The role of ableism when it comes to intuitive eating and interoception
  • Why eating with distractions is a helpful tool
  • Key mindset shifts to improve your relationship with food and eating

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