Why Unrestricted Eating Is For Life (Part 2 of my chat w/ Victoria Kleinsman)

Season #8

My dear friend Victoria Kleinsman is back! In part 2 of our chat on all things body image, bingeing, and creating the life you love, we discuss:

  • Fear of “letting yourself go” and losing control around food
  • Intuitive eating VS. intuition eating
  • How to find your happy weight without restricting
  • The importance of eating “junk food” in eating disorder recovery
  • No longer being able to restrict after anorexia
  • How to trust your body after trauma
  • Fear of becoming a sugar addict and developing diabetes in ED recovery
  • Needing recovery VS. wanting recovery
  • The experience of gaining weight while being recovered from an eating disorder
  • The importance of taking recovery advice with a grain of salt
  • What it’s like being married to an autistic person
  • How being autistic impacts ED recovery

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